Stuart, Iowa

| November/December 1971

Electrical energy was being put to new uses. In 1912 the plant started operating for 24 hours a day, for two days a week and later continuously. The first 'engineers' or operators received $35 to $50 per month. Later, after the plant started continuous operation the two firemen working 12 hours a day, seven days a week received $75 to $100 per month. The first light rates charged by the Stuart plant were not found. But the schedule set up on August 25, 1890 by the nearby Town of Greenfield, Iowa for their plant which was built about the same time was as follows:


50(cent for each 16 candlepower lamp per month

$1.00 for each 32 candlepower lamp per month


One 16 candlepower lamp per month, 50cent