| May/June 1970

R.F.D. 1, Box 193, Sharon Road, Bridgeport, Ohio 43912

Our 7th Annual Reunion is now history. Our crowds are getting larger and larger every year or our grounds are getting smaller and smaller, we don't know which. It rained off and on all day on Saturday but did not seem to dampen the spirits of the crowd. They just took a plastic rain coat out of their pocket or purse and went on their merry way. Sunday, the rain stayed off until the very end of the show and then came down in bucket fulls. Every one ran for shelter. Several cars had to be pulled out and the grounds looked like a mud hole.

Our working engines were as follows: 9 hp. Case owned by W. C. Dunlap, New Athens, Ohio; 20 hp. Russell owned by Charles Harrison, Scio, Ohio; 16 hp. Russell owned by William Humphreville, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio; 16 hp. Huber, Herbert Holmes, Moundsville, West Virginia; 16 hp. Frick owned by Raymond Laizure, Cadiz, Ohio; a Home Built Engine owned by Harry Rogers, Kensington, Ohio; 19 hp. Port Huron owned by Elmer Wenger, Dalton, Ohio; 24hp. Greyhound owned by Edgar and William Flowers,

Adena, Ohio; 6 hp. Russell Portable, Francis Young, East Sparta, Ohio; 15 hp. Peerless, Herbert Holmes, Moundsville, West Virginia; 20 hp. Farquhar, Glenn Fullerton, Burgettstown, Penna; 16 hp. Russell, Raymond Laizure, Cadiz, Ohio; 20 hp. Aultman-Taylor, George Richey, Norwich, Ohio; 19 hp. Baker, John McDowell, Plainfield, Ohio; 20 hp.

Reeves, Asel A. Gabel, Bridgeport, Ohio; 1/4 scale model Case Engine, 1/2 scale model Case Engine owned by Thomas Hatcher and sons, New Concord, Ohio; Scale Model Frick, Russell Gay, Waynes-burg, Penna; Free Lance model Engine, Gary J. Arnold, Marietta, Ohio and Oil Field Steam Engine, William Flowers, Adena, Ohio.

Our separators on display and working; 30' Champion Hand Fed Build in 1895; one 28-46 Case; two 28-46 Red River Specials and a Geiser. The Geiser is not quite ready for working yet. We just received it a few days before the show.