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James W. Chandler
See story ''Subject 32 hp. Simple Reeves'' Courtesy of James W. Chandler, 54 Taylor Street, Frankfort, Indiana 46041

54 Taylor Street Frankfort, Indiana 46041

My father did some traveling service work for Huber and in my
lifetime I have seen less than a half dozen of these. There was a
20 hp. in Kentucky, a 25 near Morris, Illinois which met with the
same fate as the 32. There was a 25 near Troy, Ohio, new about
1923. It had Greyhound water tanks and coal boxes. To my knowledge,
all were in the No. 8000 bracket serial number.

The No. 8091 was sold new about 1924 near Greentown, Indiana. I
have known two men who ran her. She carried 210 lb. pressure and
ran all appliances in a stationary sawmill at her demise.

My father tried hard to buy it on Monday after the fire, for
rebuilding but could not get the job done and they cut it up for
half of what he offered. Makes you sick, doesn’t it? I would
like to hear from people who have pictures or have seen these

The picture shows the 32 simple Reeves No. 8091 burning in a
sawmill. We were passing as the embers were still smouldering.
I’d like to know more about these engines as you might say it
is uncommon a departure from Reeves ‘stock and trade.’

It might be interesting to note some of the differences: 1 Note
position of steam line. 2 Pickering governor. 3 Clutch in flywheel.
4 Right hand gear train. 5 Has intermediate gear. 6 Geared water
pump. 7 Location of throttle and reverse levers. 8 At least 5/8 in.
boiler shell.

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