SUBJECT-GENEALOGY-in a Steam Magazine????

| March/April 1970

Route 1, Meade, Washington 99021.

Did you ever consider your magazine connected to Genealogy? Well, I will and have. It all started about three years ago when I answered an ad from your magazine of a J. Lewis Meachem in Chillicothe, Ohio. That little ad in your paper changed my whole life.

My name years ago was Meacham and my grandfather, who was a steam engineer, changed it to Mitcham and married my grandmother 'Stanley' under the name Mitcham.

Lewis Meachem, who also has changed it from Meacham gave me a lot of Meacham history and put me into a new hobby Genealogy.

I have found over 250 new relatives and have traced the Meachams back to 1750 to North Carolina and Virginia and I have just started.

This summer we took in only one steam-up and that was the Pinckneyville, Illinois Show and it was O.K.