Leeper Machine Company, P. O. Box 147, Ash Grove, Missouri

Received July-August, 1955 issue of the IRON-MEN ALBUM MAGAZINE,
and I certainly want to congratulate all of you for such a fine
magazine. I thought the first issue I received was the best ever
and couldn’t be improved. Well, each issue since has been
better and the last issue, July-August is still better. As soon as
I receive the magazine everything else stops till I look through it
and as soon as possible I start the interesting part of reading the
fine articles by so many good steam fans like myself. The
photographs are tops, and on page 14 and 15 the two-page photo is
certainly a fine one. The old saying, a photo takes the place of
hundreds of words is true, yet we must have the fine write ups of
the various subjects. I talk and boost the ALBUM all the time.

For two years I was a subscriber to ‘The Miniature
Locomotive’ at $3.00 a year of six issues-only operated 20
months. Two more issues due me. A card stated discontinued, not
enough subscribers.

I am a subscriber to ‘The Model Engineer, published in
London, England, at $6.00 a year, weekly. It has been published
since 1898 is a dandy and covers many various lines, yet mostly on
steam and boilers of all the different type of locomotives, mostly
all of the miniature types and scale models. They are very careful,
competent, thoughtful, precision, skilled workmen. I had
considerable experience with European people during World War I,
especially the English. Experience is the best teacher and that is
the way I learned what I know. I am 76 years young and still
building miniature steam engines and boilers and will as long as I
possibly can. I served with Co. G, 140th Inf., 35th Div. 70th
brigade as First Lieutenant. Received four injuries. After the
armistice went to Coblenz and Mitternich, Germany, the Army of
Occupation. Finally evacuated to Savenay, France, Base Hospital,
then to New York City three weeks, then to Base Hospital, Camp
Pike, Arkansas. Discharged October 1919. Fifteen years Officers
Reserve. Have 6 more ailments, four years ago in Kansas City,
Missouri, Veterans Hospital, found to have a total of 10, yet I
hobble around.

This is a very brief history of my ailment and accidents in my
life. I am very sorry I am not quite able now to attend any of the
Threshers Reunions. Hope to in a short time-I mean a few months.
Concussion of my brain is not quite normal yet, and left ankle is
not normal.

I belong to the National Threshers Association, Montpelier,
Ohio, also the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association, Mt.
Pleasant, Iowa.

The only suggestion I can give you at this time is keep up the
good work you are doing in the IRON-MEN ALBUM. This is why I
enclose a check for $4.00 renewal to my subscription for two years.
With continued success I am as ever your booster,

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