| January/February 1961

Noel, Missouri

The following are a few simple rules or safety courtesies to make our Steam Engine Shows better, safer and more enjoyable.

1.  DO NOT START an engine when there is a crowd on the opposite side from the wind as they will get sprayed with sooty water.

a.  Open all drain cocks and thoroughly bleed the water from the cylinder, steam chest and exhaust pipe.

b.  Carefully start, and run the engine very slowly, with the cocks open, until all of the water is removed. Then open the throttle very carefully, to slowly bring the engine up to full speed. Your thoughtfulness may prevent someone from breaking the 3rd Commandment.

2.  OUTLAW A TUG-OF-WAR with two engines. Also outlaw a tug-of-war with an engine and the people. They are very dangerous.