| November/December 1978

Box 2175, Wenatchee, Washington 98801

On April 10, 1978, I received a surprise visit from veteran riverboat man, Harlan Eggleston of Anchorage, Alaska, who recently retired after many years of operating boats on the Snake River in Idaho and Washington; the Columbia River in Washington and Oregon; and the Kuskwokwein River at Anchorage.

While he was in Wenatchee, I took him down where his old abandoned motor launch 'Clipper' was rusting away on the banks of the Columbia River. After sitting there for 20 years, the steel hull still looked like it would keep out water, but pilot house and deck are gone.

I hate to see this old boat rust away and will try to get some local historians interested in saving it. It was built in Lewiston, Idaho, and used to haul mail, freight and passengers from Lewiston to Johnson Bar on the Snake River in Idaho. Later it saw considerable service on the Columbia River between the Dulles, Oregon and Grand Coulee Dam, Washington.

Not many of these old 'river rats' are still working here in the Pacific Northwest, so it was a pleasure to meet Harlan. He has promised to come back for another visit.