| November/December 1982

The following item of interest is from the Agricultural History News Notes No. 67 and is reprinted here for your information.

A symposium sponsored by the Associates of the National Agricultural Library, Inc., Agricultural History Society, and the National Agricultural Library will be held on October 20-23, 1982 at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Its theme will be Twentieth Century Agricultural Science: Discovery, Use and Preservation. The symposium will be interdisciplinary and will seek to provide an international forum at which policy and program leaders, scientists, economists, historians, agricultural librarians, farm journalists, radio and television producers, and others can present papers, commentaries, and engage in information discussions. The program will focus upon the past, present, and future scientific achievements and review the growing importance of agricultural information to the world community. Overview topics of a specialized nature will include the following: USDA agricultural research, animal production, aquaculture, family farms, weather patterns, the daily flow of agricultural information, technology transfer, world telecommunication and information systems, resource sharing, agricultural data bases, and preservation of agricultural information. The cost for three days is $45.00. Meals are not included. For more information about food and lodging, contact: Dr. Alan Fusonie, National Agricultural Library, Room 301, Beltsville, Md. 20705; Telephone: (301) 344-3876 or Ms. Leila Moran, National Agricultural Library, Room 408, Beltsville, Md. 20705; Telephone: (301) 344-3937.