Farm Collector


By Mr. Harold and erson

Washington R. D. 3, Iowa, sends ns the tall corn picture and
makes this comment

‘Regarding your note on the 13 inch tegistered corn ear from
Missouri, I am enclosing a picture of our 26 foot 10 inch corn
stalk. I could not find a picture of the 30 foot stalk that went to
the California Rose Bowl game. This picture will give you some idea
of what we raise in Iowa. Can’t send a cob, as one on the west
side of the crib would take up so much room that you couldn’t
see anything of the Case but the stack.’

There is a story with this corn that we heard at the Mt.
Pleasant Reunion that likely has an element of truth in it and we
think you will enjoy it as I did.

There is a man in Iowa who grows this tall corn as a hobby. No
kidding, we saw the corn at the Mt. Pleasant Reunion in 1957. He
has a way of doing it which might work in Pennsylvania as well as
Iowa. This is the part you must know to enjoy the story.

The story has it that the Governor of Illinois bet the Governor
of Iowa two dollars that Illinois corn was taller than Iowa’s.
The corn was to be displayed at the Inter-state Football game. The
Governor of Illinois did not know about this hobbyist. The Governor
of Iowa did. The Governor of Illinois had scouts out all over
Illinois hunting for the tallest stalk. At the half time of the
football game. the Illinois stalk was displayed-Bands played, much
cheering and noise as you find at a football game. Then at the end
of the third quarter the Iowa stalk was carried in by four girls.
When they stood it up it tickled the moon. Had there been a roof
over the ball field they would have torn it off. The end of the
story is that Illinois lost the game. Elmer.

  • Published on Jan 1, 1958
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