Taps for 'BB'

| November/December 1960

Box 214, Davis, California

We are honored to have F. Hal Higgins (the greatest living Agricultural Historian) of Davis, California, write the obituary of Mr. B. ;B. Brown for our little magazine. Mr. Higgins has known and associated with Mr. Brown a long time. This makes the obituary more factual.

This article should have appeared in our September-October issue but because of several circumstances it was not practical. Mr. Brown's life story is interesting any time. Mr. Brown was a welcome contributor to the Album.


Cancer has ended the writings of engine-historian B. B. Brown. The news will be a shock to readers of the hobby magazines who have followed 'BB's' carefully researched writings on Valves, Reverse Gear and the various brands of steam and gas engines he knew so well from living with and 'trouble-shooting' them over the past half century. To us who knew and researched with BB, the end was expected and both family and visiting friends were not sorry to see the doctor's 'six months to a year' cut to a single month.

Briefly reviewing BB's fifty years in the industry he knew from living it from boy operator of his father's threshing outfit in Missouri, one gets a better understanding of his knowledge of both farm and heavy construction equipment on the jobs as well as in catalogs: