Tazewell County Olde Threshers Association: Three-Way Threshing!

| July/August 1988

Rt #2, Box 30 Tremont, Illinois 61568

Three separators: 22' McCormick-Deering, 28' Wood Bros., and 32' Keck-Gonnerman.

I guess I've gotten a bad reputation around the Tazewell County Olde Threshers Association, especially among the wives. I'm the one who's constantly spotting those rare 'gotta have' machines their hubbys have been dreaming about. I'm sure some actually dread to hear my voice on the phone, thinking, 'Well, Thompson's found another piece of junk!' The result: home repairs have to wait while money is scared up for the one-of-a-kind find, and the wife doesn't see her husband again for a month!

Such was the case when I 'found' Mark Fehr a McCormick-Deering 22' Separator that would perfectly match his F-20. Vernon 'Butch' Koch had purchased a Keck-Gonnerman 32' Thresher some twenty years ago, and after two years of pestering on my part finally got her pulled out and into shape.

With my 28' Wood Bros. Thresher, that made three machines. Someone then got the cockeyed notion of threshing with all three machines at that summer's show (I wonder who!). What an idea! Had it ever been done in Illinois? Three threshers running at once! We had to do it.

After weeks of scraping, patching and mending we were ready to go for a trial run the day before the show. All three ran beautifully with only minor adjustments! What a sight!