| July/August 1960

Dear Uncle Elmer,

A while ago you wrote you were going to print a teen-age page. I have read a few boys' letters with interest, so I thought I should write too.

I don't have any engines, except a small upright, which Dad got for us boys once. It's a Weeden, with about a 3/8' bore by ?' stroke (no reverse valve). It is fired by alcohol and runs fine.

I would like to build a small working model some day. I have a list of things which it takes to make one from a bicycle pump. I got it and some interesting information from the Encyclopedia.

Although I'm only 16, I have that old-fashioned steam fever in my blood already.

My Dad has a 21-75 Baker, No. 17787, a good 28 x 46 John Deere steel thresher, an 8 roll Rosenthal husker, a Gehl silo filler and a Corley 440 sawmill, all in good mechanical condition. So reading the interesting ALBUM isn't all history to us.