Terning's Power Show

| January/February 1988

Palisades, NY 10964

Mr. F. 'Avery' Sullivan, in cab, prepares to operate the largest of the Avery steam traction engines (120 HP). (Photo was taken at Terning's Steam and Gas Engine Show 1986, by Thomas C. Wilfred.)

For the 1986 Labor Day weekend, I travelled west to enjoy three eventful days at Terning's 9th Annual Steam and Gas Engine Show in Valley Center, Kansas, close to Wichita.

On entering the show grounds, I was attracted by a great geyser of water from a fire hose attached to an 1898 horse-drawn steam pumper of the Wichita Fire Department (photo #1), which Tom Terning helped restore to operating condition. A nearby column of smoke marked the location of a large skid-mounted Worthington steam air compressor powered by a vertical fire tube boiler.

Among the many steam traction engines exhibited was an unusual 14 HP Aultman Taylor return flue straw burner with a side shaft (shown in photo #2) and bevel-gear (shown in photo #3) drive, built around 1905, and belonging to James Leake of Oklahoma. Close by was a beautifully restored 65 HP Case engine of 1914, finished with authentic colors, lettering and logos, owned by Jack Wilkerson of Pittsburg, Kansas. A colorful 1915 Russell 25-75 HP engine, complete with canopy and matching water wagon, was exhibited by Joe Harper of Sedgwick, Kansas, who also brought an Advance Rumely Oil Pull tractor.

There were many oil and gas tractors. Quentin Base of Sedgwick exhibited three beauties. Two were IHC Moguls, a 16 HP of 1916 and a 45 HP of 1912, and the third a 50 HP Avery of 1925. Gary Base showed a 60 HP Aultman Taylor of 1924. There were a couple of dozen smaller gas tractors.