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Three nicely restored tractors of Bill Bough man's, from Cut Bank, Montana, lined up prior to show time.
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Saw mill in preparation for the show. 1912 60 HP Case in the belt.
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James Spevack of Geraldine, Montana, belting up to the Red River Special with the 1910 60 HP Case.

Route 2, Box 6890 Dutton, Montana 59433

The Teton Antique Steam and Gas Threshing Association, Inc. held
their third annual show September 13 and 14, 1986, on the Ove
Larson farm northwest of Dutton, Montana. The weather was almost a
repeat performance of September, 1984 except that we did not have
as much Montana (gumbo) mud to walk around in. The attendance of
course was not the best due to the cool, damp weather, but we all
had a fun time, and the women of the Association put out a real
good feed.

We threshed oat bundles with two machines, an Advance Rumely and
a Red River Special. We had over twenty tractors and two Case steam
engines on the grounds, plus a number of stationary engines brought
in from the Treasure State Fly-Wheelers of Great Falls,

Bill Boughman of Cut Bank, Montana had his 15-30 Rumely OilPull
belted to the Advance Rumely and the 1910 60 HP Case on the Red
River Special. Mr. Boughman also had his 1917 Waterloo Boy and 1935
McCormick Deering getting a workout on the wood-planer and Baker
fan. The saw mill was powered with the 1912 60 HP Case. Also new to
the show was Bob Facklam’s John Deere Lindeman Crawler.

The blacksmith shop was going strong both days with A. J.
Girrard of Scobey, Montana and Dave and Babe Brandon of
Stevensville, Montana as the smithies. The Baker fan built this
past year by club members proved to be an asset to the show.

In use this year was the announcer’s stand, which was built
by club members using mostly rough-sawed lumber from the saw mill.
Bill Obermolte, past president of the Association, was the P.A.
man, doing a good job of it.

Maybe the weather man will cooperate a little more with us at
our 4th annual show in September of 1987.I guess our show is not
the only one that gets ‘rain on their parade’, when you
read of other threshing bees throughout this great land of ours. It
just goes to show that no one has any control over old Mother
Nature, but the show must go on.

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