| November/December 1979

  • Steam engine

  • Steam engine

Cow gill, Missouri 64637

Nelson Rinehart of Braymer, Missouri keeps farmers on the job as his regular occupation by mechanical work at McKnight Implement Company in Braymer. His way of letting off steam from the pressure is through his 6000 pound steam engine, which he is tinkering with in every extra spare moment.

The climax of 3000 hours of work over a period of seven years came about when Nelson Rinehart, local Braymer, Missouri man, fired up his Avery steam engine for the first time.

This little baby just weighs three ton or 6000 pounds and has 10 to 12 horsepower. It is built on one-half scale of the original Avery steam engine.

Nelson was a youngun' in part of the steam engine era of the 30s when threshing, wood cutting and many chores of family life were still achieved by the power of the steam engine. The Rinehart family's last steam engine was sold as scrap iron during World War I in one of the patriotic scrap iron drives.

Nelson built his first steam engine in 1959 and 1960. It was built on a one-third scale.