The 1966 Old Time Thresher & Saw Mill Operator Show

| September/October 1967

633 Cleveland St., Decatur, Ind. 46733

In the month of August, each year, a very important event takes place in the Central States of the United States, and in Hoosierland, in particular. What is this that is so important? 'The Old Time Thresher & Saw Mill Operator Show', of course. There must be something special about the show to attract the countless thousands that attend year after year after year. Could it be the threshing? the saw mills? the plowing? the veneer and shingle mills? or the hundred and one other acts and exhibits?

The first thing that one takes notice of after entering the grounds are the tremendous number of cars already in the parking fields. Parking is no problem as space is available for thousands of automobiles.

Probably the most popular attraction at any Thresher Show are the saw mills. At 'The Old Time Thresher Show' power for the big mill was furnished by the steam engines on the grounds. At each sawing demonstration, after the logs were sawed into boards, they were transferred to an edger and cut to the proper width.

Nearby, and at the same time, another mill was in operation. A miniature one brought to the show by the Lake Bros, of South Bend, Indiana. This mill was furnished power by two model engines, one a perfect model, to scale, of an Advance engine and owned by M.C. Lake of South Bend, Ind. and the other a perfect model, to scale, of a Baker engine and owned by Paul Cole of Morristown, Ind. A lot of 'Barking' could be heard from these two models as the saw bit into the log and very thrilling to the large crowd that attended each performance.

The next attraction was the shingle mill brought to the show each year by Melvin Lugten, of Hamilton, Michigan where he demonstrated how a thin slice of wood is shaved from a log. Mills similar to this perform the same work in commercial operations and their product ends up as the fine finish on our modern day furniture.