The 1968 Antique Engine And Threshermen's Association Show

| May/June 1969

Gerald Wright

Courtesy of Helen Ward Rennie, Montezuma, Kansas 67867. Gerald Wright doing the pyramid stunt.

Helen Ward Rennie

Montezuma, Kansas 67867

For several years, the steam engine and threshing machine enthusiasts of Mid-America gather at the Roy Kite farm for an annual reunion. In the northwest corner of the state, the show is located 1 miles north and 3 miles east of Bird City, Kansas, just off U.S. Highway 36. The 1968 show was held October 3-4-5;

The first show, planned by Roy Kite, his wife and mother in 1951, has grown to a well known gathering; one of the better known steam shows. Mr. Kite was Case dealer in Bird City for over thirty years. Both he and his mother are now gone, but his wife, Leone, still owns several engines and takes an active part in the festivities each fall. The show is now sponsored by a very enthusiastic organization. At the ending of each show, each fall, the group starts again on extensive plans for the next year reunion.

For the three days of the get-together, wheat is threshed several times daily , using first one and then another of the entries. Various tractors furnish power, both gas and steam for the twelve bottom plow. Slow races, as well as speed are entered by nearly all the steam engines. There is Prony Brake and Baker Fan testing. All entries, both steam and gas, line up and parade around the grounds while a running fire of description as to ownership, characteristics, era and origin, comes over the microphone.

Home cooked food is dispensed by the different lady's groups of Bird City, and long lines of hungry, thirsty guests are served daily. One day is dedicated to the Flying Farmers and a special program is planned.

New models are on display by dealers and any type of old farm machinery or gas models find favor with the many people who come year after year. I am deeply indebted to Mrs. Ernest Bressler, who was our hostess for the data on the engines. Ernest has long shown his ancient gas models, but just this year purchased a 2 cylinder Nichols and Shepherd that had been shown before when it was a Brubaker entry. He wasn't able to get it completely restored before the show this year, but expects to do much more work on if for the 1969 display.