| November/December 1981

1212 Tibbals Street, Holdrege, Nebraska 68949

I have noticed an intense interest in the 40-72 Case. My father, J. J. Huston, of Rogan, Nebraska, bought a 1922 model in 1926 in Wisconsin and used it for 21 years. We used it for belt power principally. We had a 40' Case separator.

The tractor was bought to replace a Case 80' steamer. There were some doubts about the tractor's ability to compete, but labor, price of coal, availability of water and public demand were the deciding factors. The tractor soon dispelled the doubts. It was easy to operate and upkeep was low. The enclosed gearing and pressure oiling system were ahead of their time.

Shows a threshing scene taken in 1918 on the J. J. Huston homestead in Rogan, Nebraska. Equipment includes an 80 HP Case and 40-62 thresher.

J. J. Huston and the 40-72 Case tractor. Below, shows the Case in October, 1947 as it is about to be shipped to its new owner in Canada.

The economy was much greater than on other tractors we operated. The ten-gallon crankcase made it possible to use the oil over and over again. Forty-five gallons of water was much less than most tractors of that time!