The 48th Pioneer Engineer’s Show at Rushville, Indiana

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The featured engine at the 1996 Rushville show was this 30 HP Case owned by Russell Merrell.
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1911 12 HP Advance owned by Andy New of Pendleton, IN, at Rushville Show.
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RR 13, Box 209 Brazil, Indiana 47834

The 1996 annual show was held August 2-4 at Rushville, Indiana.
The show had wonderful weather for all three days, compared to the
muck and mire of last year. Rushville can always be counted on to
put on a good show, and 1996 was no exception. Twenty-seven steam
engines were at the show and took their turn on the sawmill,
dynamometer or Baker fan. All engines were in good operating
condition and the engineers were ready to let them show their

The sawmill and crew puts on one of the best saw milling
demonstrations I have seen at a show. Berry Moorman organizes a
roster of steam engines to be on the sawmill and Charlie Richards,
his brother Bob, and other Richards family members who comprise the
sawmill crew then decide what logs to saw to put on the best
performance. One reason I like it is because an engine is only on
the sawmill for 30 to 45 minutes or enough time to saw about three
logs, then it is unbelted and another engine, which is already
waiting its turn, belts to the mill. Another reason is because the
head sawyer can put on such a good show whether a 24 HP or a 10 HP
engine is belted up because he purposely saves back small logs for
smaller engines.

A pair of Baker 23-90 steam engines at Rushville. #17300 is
owned by Lester Oeder and Charles Williams. #17539 is owned by Kim

Three generations of the New family were at the Rushville show:
Al, Alan, and Andy New. Andy kept his 12 HP Advance busy around the
show grounds and helped other engineers with their engines. Alan
ran his 24 HP Port Huron Longfellow on the sawmill, and Al had a
good time visiting and watching son Alan and grandson Andy operate
their engines.

Rushville is one of the few shows where you can actually buy
miscellaneous steam parts and literature. The 1996 flea market had
articles for sale to interest every age and gender.

The show had a first time visitor in Joe Graziana of Wood River,
Illinois, and Chaddy Atteberry of Blackwell, Oklahoma, who had only
been to the show one time many years ago. Joe and Chady were very
impressed with the mechanical condition of the steam engines and
the ability of the engineers. Lyle Hoffmaster of Bucyrus, Ohio,
managed to pluck some ‘Case tail feathers’ from Chady
Atteberry and Tommy Lee of Calhoun, Kentucky. Lyle has a growing
collection of these ‘tail feathers.’

Come to the Rushville Show starting Friday, August 1, and be
prepared to see an excellent steam show!

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