| January/February 1974

  • Rumely thresher
    Rumely thresher used at Albany, Kansas Thresher Show in July of 1973. The thresher is owned by Joe Wenger of Sabetha, Kansas. Courtesy of Edwin H. Bredemeier, Steinauer, Nebraska 68441
    Edwin H. Bredemeier

  • Rumely thresher

Route 1, Steinauer, Nebraska 68441

The Albany Jubilee was held on July 28-29, 1973, two miles North of Sabetha, Kansas, with perfect weather - after the area had been plagued with heavy rains of six to twelve inches after the wheat was bound. The shocks had to be scattered to dry out and the bundles were in poor condition when threshed.

Albany is a ghost town that was started before the railroads were in the area. When they came through, they missed Albany by two miles South, where the town of Sabetha, Kansas was started and developed.

Saturday's program was carried out as planned and Sunday's program included Church Service in the 125 year old stone church building. There were parades, swap meets, flea markets, pony pull and threshing.

The Antique car section was larger than previous years, as was the one-cylinder gas engine section. The scale model steam engine section was represented with a number of different makes and sizes.

Sunday morning when Marc Lamoreaux of Waterville, Kansas started his musical instrument from an early day Merry-go-round, he stole the whole show. It looked like the whole grounds were headed for one place. It was enjoyed by everyone.