| November/December 1961

810 S. Judson, Port Scott, Kansas

Many of those associated with the Steam Engine or Pioneer Farm Machine hobby have individual programs in which they vigorously support education in Americanism. In no circumstances should programs be neglected of this nature.

Education in the fundamentals of freedom how it is won, how maintained and enjoyed is absolutely essential to the life and existence of a great democracy such as ours. We can perform no greater service to our country than to aid in suggesting and planning ideas that will cause people to understand and appreciate their heritage of freedom and to know when it is threatened and what measures to take to preserve it. Such an education will develop responsible and dependable citizenship that is necessary to our national security in the perilous times which we are now living, as surely as the study of science and engineering. Our democracy will survive only so long as we the people have the intelligence the courage and determination to value Freedom, Justice and Integrity more than anything else.

Our Steam Engines and Pioneer Farm Machinery displayed at our various activities in which we participate, pictures on a wide screen and in a sharp focus the progressive revolution in agriculture methods, also our way of living. This progressive change we can see, hear and feel as is evidenced when we compare our machines with those of present day. These new revolutionized machines give us many new benefits, the effective use of our resources, more abundant living and more leisure time. All of this and more is described in our shows and activities in an effort to enlarge the knowledge and wisdom of our viewers when we show our machines and power of the past. The mere possession of tools, gadgets and machines is not enough, wisdom requires an understanding of what the progressive march can do to people and for people.

These are not just theories or statements but when put together in the proper framework, this progress of which we are a part will remind us of our obligation as fellow members of the human race, indicating how much we should know and do in an age that gives much and demands much.

Truly ours is a choice land. Grateful to the Almighty for our many blessings and opportunities, let us be devoted to the spiritual and moral principals upon which all lasting progress no doubt must rest.