The Barn Unraising

| November/December 1993

8780 Elliott Hwy. Morenci, Michigan 49256

Two barns built on the same spot were done in by two steam engines.

The first was destroyed in 1910 by an accidental fire started by a threshing crew. The engine that set the fire is believed to have been a 19 Port Huron. The engine was not damaged in the fire, and is possibly now owned by Laurel Runals of LaGrange, Ohio.

The second barn was built in 1911 to replace the first, but wasn't roofed properly, and over the years the rafters and loft became badly rotted. Brad and Amy Hauenste in purchased the farm in 1990. They were increasingly concerned about the safety of the barn, and decided that it had to come down. Burning was impossible, due to the closeness of other buildings.

This is where the second steam engine comes in. Nearly all of the Hauensteins are big fans of steam power and have many friends with traction engines, including Troy Paws on of Tipton, Michigan.

Troy had his 17-50 Peerless at Rod Hauenstein's after the National Thresher's Convention in June of '92. He offered the use of the 50 to try pulling the barn down. Everyone thought that it was a good idea; even if it didn't work it would be fun trying.