| March/April 1972

R. R. 2, Burgessville, Ontario, Canada.

June 4, 5, 6, 1971 was the date of the 1st Historical Show sponsored by the Norwich and District Historical Society, and was held at the fairgrounds at Norwich Ontario.

Many people will ask, 'where is this town of Norwich'? It is situated in the Province of Ontario, Canada; about 140 miles east of Detroit, Michigan; or 100 miles west of Buffalo, New York. It is located in the southern portion of the county of Oxford; on Highway No. 59; midway between Highways No. 3 and No. 401.

The early History of Norwich and district is quite interesting. The first settlers migrated to the area about 1810-1820. Most of them came from Dutchess County, New York. Most of these settlers were of the 'Friends' faith. Many interesting stories could be written of the hardships encountered. The horse and wagon was the only way of transportation and in places the huge trees of the virgin forest had to be cut so the wagon train could continue.

Oxford County was developed in a rich agricultural area. It is termed the 'Dairy County' of Canada; and rightly so. Many of the foundation herds of Holstein cattle were developed in Oxford and around the Norwich area. This area still has its large Holstein herds and some of the present owners are descendants of the pioneer settlers. Various countries of the world seeking foundation stock, come to Oxford County, Ontario. Shipments of cattle have been air transported to South America, Europe, etc.

South of the town of Norwich is the beginning of the tobacco growing area. This area is probably the most concentrated tobacco growing area on the continent; and is a very important phase of Ontario Agriculture.