| July/August 1952

Again we are indebted to Mr. Vic Wintermantel of Box 4200, Bellevue, Pitts burgh 2, Pa., for getting us the Patent Office description of the Arnold Valve Gear. Sometime ago he furnished the Geiser Valve Gear description that operated with a hand wheel and belt. We know you will aprreciate this work. Mr. Wintermantel is a successful flour broker and an authority on valve gears.

To All Whom It May Concern:

Be it known that I Bishop Arnold, a citizen of the United States, residing: at the city of Auburn, in the county of Cayuga and State of New York, have in vented certain new and useful Improvements in Steam-Engine Valve-Gears, of which the following is a specification.

B. ARNOLD., STEAM ENGINE VALVE GEAR., No. 298,438., Patented May 13, 1884.

Heretofore among the defects in the valve-operating mechanism of steam-engines has been the condition that the reversing mechanism was constantly subjected to wear while the engine was in operation a fact noticeable with the various link-motions and that in consequence of wear and lost motion in the valve-gears and actuating mechanism the movements of the slide-valves become deranged, which causes variations in the throw and lead of the valves, and unequal admission and distribution of steam. Again, the parts have generally been numerous, complicated, and costly to construct.

The object of my invention is to pro vide in the valve-operating mechanism of a steam-engine a reversing mechanism, in combination with a variable cut-off, for controlling the admission and distribution of steam to the cylinder that stall be simple and cheap to construct, durable and efficient to operate, with ready means of adjustment in case of wear or slight imperfections of workmanship, with the parts so arranged and operated that the throw of the eccentric may be varied, and in which the reversing mechanism is not subjected to wear when the engine is in operation. I attain these objects by the mechanism illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which