The Blue Mountain Antique And Steam Engine Association

| May/June 1975

219 Lincoln Street Steelton, Pennsylvania

As we approached the town of Bangor, we realized how different the terrain was. My sister, Esther Sorg, and I were driving behind Bob Brandt's low boy truck. Mounted on the trailer was my Father's 1928 Peerless steam traction engine on its way to the Blue Mountain Antique Gas and Steam Engine Association. As we climbed the hills, each one steeper than the last, we noticed the expressions on the faces of the people we passed. They were interested, amazed, and impressed. I guess they would be, this being the first time a 50 hp steam engine, all fired up, blowing steam, puffing smoke, and blowing her whistle ever crossed their path before.

Halfway to Bangor, Bob pulled off the road so we could build a fire in the engine. This would enable us to have enough steam to drive her off the low boy when we arrived at the show. The date was July of 73, which was the second year for the show.

Since then the show, which is held at the Jacktown Community Center near Bangor, has grown from a few exhibitors to 38 gas engine exhibitors, antique displays, corn husking, and much more.

In 1974 the show as held on July 19, 20 and 21.

Friday was a day filled with preparations and getting organized. Many exhibitors had to be registered and given numbers. Ralph Schlough, who has been involved with the show ever since it was formed, was always around to give suggestions and a helping hand. Betty, his wife, could be found at the flea market stand selling items of use for very reasonable prices.