The Canadian Pacific Locomotive

| September/October 1966

Route 2, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

In answering Mr. Floyd Westlings article about the C.R.R.R.'s Selkvik's (2-10-4) locomotives in the September -October issue of The Iron-Men, I am quoting some facts from David P. Morgan's book 'Steams Finest Hour'. There were 36 2-10-4 built, 20 in 1929, 10 in 1939 and 6 in 1949. There was only one three cylinder built, No. 8000 in 1931.

They had 25 x 32 inch cylinders, 63 inch drivers weighed 728,000 lbs. The tractive force was 76,900 lbs. plus booster (a simple double cylinder engine driving a rear axle trailing truck) 12,000 lbs, or 88,900 lbs. total T. F.

There are several U.S. straight frame engines that have a higher T.F., namely: Kanasas City Southern's 900's-93,300, Santa Fe's 5000's 93,000, Penna. R. R. 6470's 110,000 with booster, U.P. R.R.'s 4-12-2's 96,600 lbs. and a few others. I doubt if they developed more than 4500 H.P. on a 63 inch driver with only 88,900 lbs. T.F. The Selkvik's are wonderful machines.