| March/April 1982

Rt. 13, Box 331, Statesville, North Carolina 28677

Along about the second week of July the local newspaper and a country music station issue an invitation to the Don Gwaltney wheat threshing. Everyone is invited to attend. In 1981 it was held July 11.

# Picture 1

Pictured here is a scene of the threshing in progress.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Gwaltney with their steam engine.

On threshing day my Dad gets up very early and starts a fire in the firebox of the engine to build up steam to power the engine. The steam engine is a skid type Farquhar no. 14994. The thresher is a Turner no. 347 and was made by the Turner Manufacturing Company of Statesville, North Carolina, about the year 1928 or 1930.

About 9:00 trailers loaded with wheat, are brought to the field from the barn where the wheat has been stored to keep it dry. By now a crowd has begun together.

Meanwhile, back at the farmhouse the ladies are setting up tables, preparing gallons of lemonade and cooking a huge meal.

Back up at the field my Dad decides the steam is right so the threshing begins.