| September/October 1977

  • Belgian draft horses
    Elmer Lapp, of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania appears on the cover of ''The Draft Horse Primer.'' A breeder of Belgian draft horses, he is shown raking hay with a side delivery rake.

  • Belgian draft horses

Maurice Telleen, publisher of 'The Draft Horse Journal' with his wife Jeannine, has written a book called 'The Draft Horse Primer,' which makes a strong statement on behalf of the use of horses in farming.

Telleen dedicates his book to the memory of his parents, whose attitudes toward life were deeply rooted 'in the concepts of animal husbandry, soil stewardship, and the brotherhood of man rather than in status, exploitation, and wealth.'

Even though many of our readers are devoted to farming with machinery, we think they will find a bond of fellowship with the Telleen family as expressed in this book. Further, many grew up with horses on the farm, whether there was mechanical power machinery or not.

The book tells how draft horses are coming back, advises on breeds, buying a team, and all that goes with use of horses in agriculture.

Headquarters for the Telleens is Waverley, Iowa, R. 3, 50677. The author graduated in journalism from the University of Iowa. He is a fulltime farmer in addition to publishing his interesting quarterly magazine. He raises Belgian and Clydesdale draft horses and Oxford Down sheep on his 60-acre farm. The book was published by Rodale Press.