| January/February 1973

1511 Iglehart, St. Paul, Minn. 55104.

The Fourth Annual Egan Steam Threshing Show was held September 16th and 17th of 1972.

Fair fall weather sustained the efforts of the Ohmann families together with the people who brought machinery to the show.

I did not learn the extent of the show organization other than that George H. Ohmann, Jr. is the head man or president of the organization and his wife is secretary.

Mr. Ohmann's father, George H. Ohmann, Sr. who has farmed for years on the farm where the show was held, is a very active man and was busily engaged getting engines belted to a wood-framed McCormick Deering Thresher, so that the cylinder would run at the correct speed.

Different makes of tractors, a Steamer and a 12-20 Rumely Oil Pull were tried. I noticed the Oil Pull stayed as long as any of them, so it may have been close to producing the right speed for threshing.