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Here is a picture of the 'tug-of-war' between the 40 hp Case and the 50 hp Case at the 1962 Old Time Thresher Show.

R. 2, Jonesboro, Ind.

The Elwood Historical Club Inc., 4th annual threshing and
saw-milling show was held on the Robert Meyer farm, 5 miles north
of Elwood, Ind. on St. Rd, No. 13 July 27, 28, 29, 1962. Each year
we try to make the show better than the previous one. We brought in
more engines, threshers, tractors, model engines, gas engines, and
lots of antique farm machinery. Also we had local talent to furnish
entertainment in the large tent, for those who wished to sit down
and rest for awhile.

One of the features of the show, was that, of threshing 12 acres
of wheat. This was done by using four different makes and sizes of
separators, such as, Aultman Taylor, Huber, Case, McCormick
Deering. Also a 100 year old saw mill, was in operation each day,
at the same time, threshing was being done a few hundred feet

Among the steam engines used for power were Davis Sullivans 9 HP
and 65HP Case, of near Markelville, Herman Warners 28 HP
Minneapolis, of Anderson, Ind., Harold Wilburns 22 HP Keck
Gownnerman of R. R. 4 Elwood, Ind., Basil Harveys 23-90 Baker, of
Green town, Ind., also used were tractors such as, 25-45 Huber,
owned by Phil Hobbs, of Tipton, Ind., 20-40 Oil Pull, owned by
Rudolph Shinholt, of R. R. 1 Jonesboro Ind., 28-50 Hart Paar, owned
by John Huddleson, of Somerset, Ind., 8-16 Reliable Tractor, owned
by Mc-Closkey Bros. of Walton, Ind., and several fine model
steamers, and gas engines.

Several loads of bundles were stored in barns, prior to the
show, to insure we could thresh after a shower. These and shocks
from the field were brought to the machines by some fine teams of
horses, furnished by the Ind. Horse Breeders Assoc.

Also an unusual scene was that of threshing with four machines
at the same time, on the same straw pile, on Sat. and Sun.
afternoon, and the sawing of logs at all hours each day.

Also on display was a 10 H P Sweep, purchased and restored by
Wm. Cochran of Marion, Indiana.

The Sunday program was started with, Church Services, in the
large tent, and conducted by Rev. Duty of Elwood, and singing of
hymns, in German and English, by the Alfred Leininger family of
Tipton, Ind., and music from an organ over 100 years old, owned by
the Leininger family.

Numerous comments were that our show was better than one
previous, and they would be back next year. With all these comments
in mind, we are at this writing, making plans for still better show
this year. A new 40X64 pole buildinghas been erected for storage of
antique machinery now owned by the club. Several items, just
recently obtained will be moved to the building from here and
there. This building to be used by the Ladies Aid Society, from two
community churches, to serve food during the event. A new Water
well will be put down in the near future to supply drinking water.
A new entrance has already been completed , having two gates, and a
dual drive, leading to a clean 12 acre wooded area, adjacent to the
show ground, for parking and picnicing. Also a parade route will be
established thru the area.

We also had an antique airplane club of near Kokomo, Ind.
entertaining each day during the show.

We have already made plans for this years show, and the date has
been set for July 26, 27, and 28, 1963. And will be held at the

location, five miles north of Elwood, Ind. on St. Rd. 13, on the
Robt. Meyer farm.

We are looking foreward to meeting and seeing all of you this
summer. Thank You.

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