Farm Collector

The Flues

WELL ‘HI’ AGAIN to all you wonderful ‘steam
fans’ and unless I miss my guess there is plenty of steam
filling the air these days and not just from the steam engine, for
I know you are all talking about the Reunions that are forthcoming
and looking forward to another wonderful summer. You know in this
work I get quite a few ads from you people and I have one like you
have never seen before. I found this one a long time ago in a book,
but I thought you might get a ‘kick’ out of it so here
goes: FOR SALE-One Spuzz car with piston ring; two rear wheels, one
front spring. Has no fenders, seat or plank; burns lot of gas. Hard
to crank. Carburetor busted half way through. Engine missing: hits
on two. Ten years old, eleven in the spring; has shock absorbers
and everything. Radiator busted, sure does leak; differential dry,
you can hear it squeak. Ten spokes missing; front all bent; tires
blowed out. Ain’t worth a cent. Got lots of speed, will run
like the deuce; burns either gas or tobacco juice, tires all off;
been run on the rim. A very good car for the shape it’s in.
(Hope you enjoyed that and got a chuckle or two).

I was very happy to meet an ALBUM reader March 26 when Will
Hunter, an ALBUM family member from Massachusetts was visiting down
this way and looked us up. It was a pleasure and just to show what
a small world it is, after talking a short while to him and his
wife, I discovered she was a good friend of one of my classmates
mothers’. How about that? Mrs. Hunter is formerly from
Lancaster County (Pa.) and they were vacationing hereabouts. I
thought it was real nice of them to look us up while here.

Also we had a letter from Wm. Freaser, 1512 B. So. 10th St.,
Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin who used to work for an Engineer Burt Gower
of Janesville, Wisconsin in 1929. I suppose through some of the
IRON-MEN friends he has heard that Burt may be in Arizona and he
would like to locate him, so if you should read this and happen to
know anything of Burt Gower, please let ‘Bill’ know-he
surely would appreciate it.

We have had several requests for printed stationary with
traction engines on the letterheads, and we have good news, Elmer
has been busy finding out about it and we are going to be handling
it, no doubt you will see the ad. I know this will please a lot of
you people who like to keep your note paper and letters exhibiting
your hobby, and I don’t think there is any of these printed. So
you see we are trying to keep our ‘family’ contented. Do
write us with suggestions-we won’t promise anything, but we
will at least look into the matter.

I don’t have too much more to say, but I do think I have a
worthwhile poem, and since you folks will be at tending the
Reunions and ‘shooting the breeze’ a lot, don’t forget
to be careful and not get too garrulous for words of gossip are
like feathers in a bag, once they are dumped out you can never,
ever gather them all back again (in case you would want to). This
poem is along that line. It’s called ‘ A Pretty Good Plan
to Forget It.’

If you see a tall fellow ahead of the
A leader of men, marching fearless
and proud.
And you know of a tale whose mere
telling aloud,
Would cause his proud head in grief
to be bowed,
It’s A Pretty Good Plan To Forget It.

If you know of a skeleton hid away in
a closet,
And guarded and kept from the day
In the dark, whose showing, whose
sudden display
Would cause grief and sorrow and
life-long dismay
It’s A Pretty Good Plan To Forget It.

If you know of a spot in the life of a
(We all have such spots concealed,
world without end)
Whose touching would play on his
heartstrings and rend-
Till the shame of its showing no grieving
could mend
It’s A Pretty Good Plan To Forget It.

If you know anything that will darken
the joy-
Of a man or a woman, a girl or a boy,
That will wipe out a smile or the least
way annoy-
A fellow, or cause any gladness to
It’s A Pretty Good Plan To Forget It.

If you know of a thing, just the least
little sin-
Whose telling would cork up a laugh
or a grin Of a man you don’t like, for Lord’s
sake keep it in!!-
Don’t be a knocker, right here stick
a pin –
It’s A Pretty Good Plan To Forget It.

-Judd Mortimer Lewis

Bye-bye and I do hope you have a wonderful summer and vacations
and who knows, perhaps I’ll meet some more of you until next
magazine time-ANNA MAE

  • Published on Jul 1, 1958
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