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The Frick Company, % Gordon Weagly

Dear Sir:

Last may I wrote you asking information regarding the age, etc.,
of a 12hp. engine No. 20458 and what the paint job should be as it
came from the factory. You promptly answered and gave me the
information, which I sure appreciated, and I thought it no more
than fair to send you a picture of the engine after about 4? months
of cleaning, repairing, etc., was complete. I am sure proud of it
and have a lot of enjoyment from it. It is now in A-1 shape, new
flues and all. Now I need some decals of your name ‘Frick’
to go on each side of the engine. They don’t dare to be over
three inches high that is the space on the engine block. If you
have any please let me know what the bill is and I’ll forward
you the money (I need two of them).

Thanking you again for your great help and I hope some day I can
take a trip and see your plant.

Yours very truly,


J. P. SMITH. Jeweler

706 Rawson Ave., Fremont, Ohio

P. S. That is me and my dog Mickey in the picture. (He never
misses a ride on the engine).

  • Published on Jan 1, 1957
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