| November/December 1956

  • Dorothy McGuire
    (By permission of Allied Artists Pictures Corp., and Jim Sullivan)

  • Dorothy McGuire

Oceanside, California

I OWN A MINNEAPOLIS steam traction engine which has brought me extraordinarily good luck, and incidentally proved of great interest to steam-loving people and others here in California. To say that my engine became a 'motion-picture star' overnight would be exaggerating a little, but the truth is that it has been used in pictures ... ahem ... and had considerable publicity accordingly.

Motion picture actress DOROTHY McGUIRE in a scene from William Wyler's 'The Gentle Persuasion,' with Gary Cooper as co-star. The steam traction engine (Minneapolis) was loaned by owner JIM SULLIVAN of Oceanside, California. Miss McGuire plays the part of a Quaker wife, and in this scene has stepped up on the tractor to look around the county fair in search of her husband (Gary Cooper).

The engine was being driven in a street parade here in Oceanside last summer, when a gentleman from one of the studios saw it. His name was Joe Kish, a set decorator at Allied Artists in Hollywood, and he had been looking everywhere for such an engine. He happens to have a summer home at Oceanside and saw my engine quite by chance and it solved-his problem.