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F. NELSON BLOUNT, president and treasurer of Blount Seafood
Corp. was found dead in the wreckage of his plane in Chesham, New
Hampshire. The millionaire businessman owned two popular tourist
attractions Steamtown U.S.A., a railroad museum at Bellows Falls,
Vermont and The Edaville Railroad at South Carver, Massachusetts,
New England’s only surviving narrow-gauge line. He was known as
much for his views on life as for his business success. This was
sent to us by Henry McMillan, Galva, Illinois as he felt that many
of our readers knew or had met Mr. Blount.


It is with deep regret that we report the sudden passing of a
good friend and fellow collector, Melvin Snyder, of West-land,
Michigan, who was called to his heavenly home on August 31, 1967.
Melvin was born on a farm in what is now the City of Livonia,
Michigan on June 22, 1915, and lived all of his life not far from
his birthplace.

He was a toolmaker by trade and in addition had his own fully
equipped machine shop, and it’s facilities were always
available to any of his friends who availed themselves of this
service a good many times over the years.

Melvin was a born collector with several antique autos, two fire
engines and a number of gas engines and small steam engines – he
was a member of the Early Engine Club.

He was the owner of a fine 25-45 Nichols and Shepard steam
engine, this engine was pictured on the front cover of the Iron-Men
Album in it’s January-February 1967 issue. Melvin was an ardent
steam fan and visited many steam shows including those in Iowa and
in Canada. Left to mourn his passing are his wife Alice, his son
Duane and his many friends.

(Sent in by Earl B. Davison – Detroit, Michigan).

ROBERT J. BOHATY, 67, of Center-port, New York passed away last
month. He was a gasoline station operator and an antique car
enthusiast. He was the founder of the Long Island Old Car Club. Mr.
Bohaty took his Locomobile to the steam shows this summer. It will
pass on to his grandson who is 6 years old. This was sent to us by
Mrs. Bohaty.

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