| January/February 1972

CLINTON (BUCKSHOT) SPENCER passed away May 15, 1971. Buck was a retired Santa Fe engineer and during the 1930s owned and operated on a sawmill a Undermounted Avery steam engine. After he retired from the Santa Fe he restored a 12 hp Russell and took it to many county fairs and parades. He will be remembered also for being the engineer on the 12 HP Russell engine at Mount Pleasant shows. He was a good friend and always willing to help work on a steam engine, and he will be missed by all who knew him.

Submitted by John R. Younkman, North Newton, KS 67117.

HAROLD H. EMBLING passed away April 8, 1971. He did enjoy the magazine very much.

Submitted by Mrs. Harold Embling.

IVER ORCUTT, 22500-S. E. 236th St., Maple Valley, Washington passed away August 20, 1971.

G. ROSEN TANSELLE, 619 E. Fordice, Lebanon, Indiana 45052 died January 11, 1971.