| January/February 1987

  • Thomas G. Lee
    Story and photo by Arthur P. Brigham, husband of Helen Case Brigham.
    Arthur P. Brigham

  • Thomas G. Lee

EVERETT BROWN, 83, passed away June 23, 1986 at Decatur Memorial Hospital, Decatur, Illinois. Everett was known as a distinguished gentleman who had nothing but a kind word for his friends and neighbors. Those who knew him best appreciated his positive outlook towards others and looked to him as an example to follow.

Everett was a proud owner of a 19 HP Keck Gonnerman and was active in many Illinois shows including Pontiac, Arcola, and Pinkneyville. He was a 60 year member of the Masonic Lodge and was also a Shriner.

Everett Brown will be dearly missed by his family, friends and show exhibitors and spectators who had come so accustomed to his gentlemanly presence.

Submitted by Fred Nolan, Arcola, Illinois.

ROGER D. DRUMMOND and his wife BARBARA were killed in a car accident September 6, 1986. Roger Drummond was 43 years old. He was a farmer and truck driver and had served in the Army National Guard. Over the past few years Roger had shown steam engines at steam shows in Ohio. The last engine that he had out to the shows was a 30 HP Avery undermounted that was shown at Urbana, Ohio. Due to hard times on the farm Roger started driving a truck last spring.

Submitted by Gene Drummond, 15509 Drummond Road, Orient, OH 43146.