| January/February 1996

LAWRENCE 'BUD' APGAR of Grenville, Ohio, passed away on September 4, 1995 at Carriage Inn, a nursing home in Dayton, Ohio, where he was a resident for five years. He was 83 years old.

He was a member of The Darke County Steam Threshers for years and had been a member of many more before the Grenville Show. He was born and raised with steam engines and he owned quite a few in his time.

He will surely be missed by his friends and family. He is survived by his brother Carl Apgar of Cincinnati, Ohio, a retired engineer who was raised on a farm with steam engines, saw mills and threshers.

Submitted by Carl Apgar, 7434 Fair Park Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio.

EDWARD D. MARTIN, 89, of Polk City, Iowa, passed away August 9, 1994, of Alzheimer's disease. He was born in Omaha and lived in Polk City for 22 years.

Eddie was a great motor grader operator and maintained Polk County roads for many years. He was a great lover of old equipment and owned several old farm tractors. His pride was a McDeering regular tractor that he restored. In his later years, he turned this tractor over to his grandsons Dale and Eldon Gronewald of St. Peters, Missouri.