The Golden Roll

| January/February 2002

Emmet H. Drewel, Labadie, Mo., passed away July 12, 2001, at the age of 93. He had a 20 HP Keck Gonnermann that he showed for years at Rosebud and at the Montgomery County and Warren County shows. He was active in the community, in the church, the fire department, the Masonic Lodge, and as an engineer. The last few years, as he got older, he was assisted by two close friends, Stuart DeWalt and Don Luehr. Emmet enjoyed seeing his friends at the shows. He was also a very successful farmer. On the day of Emmet's funeral, Don Luehr brought his model engine and gave a whistle salute, three at the church and three at the cemetery, as Emmet's family requested. With the help of his friends, Emmet enjoyed his last show at Rosebud in July 2000. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Submitted by Bob Hart, 421 W. 18th St., Hermann, MO 65041

Lawrence W. Nachtrab, 87, died Saturday, April 14, 2001, at his lifelong home in Holland, Ohio.

He was born April 4, 1914, in Holland, Ohio, to Henry and Emma (Kohler) Nachtrab. He was a farmer and threshed with his father and brother until 1947. They ran three threshing circuits. He and his father owned several steam engines and threshing machines. He knew famed steam engine builder A.D. Baker of Swanton, Ohio.

He was a lifetime member of the National Thresher's Association of Wauseon, Ohio, and the Five Point Thresher's Reunion of Perrysburg, Ohio. He also attended many threshing reunions with his father.

He was my steam mentor and father, and loved to tell stories about threshing and how the steam engines operated. He escaped the custom of being the first bachelor through the door of the farm being threshed that had an eligible daughter, a wishbone placed above the door signaling a possible match for marriage. On Aug. 7, 1965, at the age of 51, he married Delores J. Sipes.