| July/August 1981

HENRY BRANNOLTE died at his home in Wisner, Nebraska on November 17, 1980 when his house was destroyed by fire.

In 1926 Henry purchased a used airplane named 'Travelair', manufactured in Wichita, Kansas at a plant which later was bought out by Cessna. The light blue plane was number 1800 and had an all steel framework fuselage. He had. a commercial license and took passengers for rides.

Henry started barnstorming in 1927 as well as stunt flying in Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Henry sold his airplane in 1928 and devoted his entire time to blacksmithing and carpentry. At times he made intricate machine parts that were hard to buy. He owned several automobiles but preferred to ride a motorcycle.

Henry began collecting old machinery and antiques that people had discarded. He preferred to trade his work for old things folks were not using any more, but would charge reasonable rates when necessary.

He owned two Reeves engines, #7381 and #7720, both of which were 20 HP, simple. They are pictured and described on pages 73 and 74 of my book 'Historical Stories about Reeves Engines.'