| July/August 1982

DEWEY L. ERWIN, who died February 14, 1982 at Harrison, Arkansas at the age of 82, started helping with the thresher and sawmill when he was 14 years old. He had to keep the business going while his older brother, Carl, served in the Army during World War I. They were in partnership from the end of that war until 1949.

During the 1920s they took turns, one staying in Arkansas running their own rig, while the other went to Kansas to run an engine for George Chancel, who was one of the best threshermen in the Ninnescah Valley. One year he went north from Kansas to Canada where he ran a large Reeves engine.

During World War II with his brother, he cut 500,000 walnut gun stocks at their Harrison sawmill. After the war the partnership was dissolved and he built a tool handle factory which he ran until 1969. After retiring he took a great interest in the Ozark Steam Engine Show near Springfield, Missouri and the Paunee, Oklahoma show.

Few men could handle a steam engine as skillfully as he could.

Submitted by Bonnie Moore, 1014 W. Chase Avenue, El Cajon, California 92020.

This is to note the passing of ROLLAND E. MAXWELL on April 6, 1982. Rolland was a dairy farmer and became semi-retired in 1972. He restored antique farm machinery for many years and participated in many shows from the early 50s until the early 70s. He attended steam and gas engine shows extensively until declining health prevented his attendance. He wrote and researched much on early agricultural equipment history and progress.