| July/August 1986

EARL S. HADDOCK, 91, passed away February 23, 1986, at his home in Battle Creek Michigan. He was a retired garage owner, and was a member of the National Threshers Association for many years

He worked as a young boy with his father and uncle running their 10 HP Advance, and also their 16 HP Advance, in their 55 years of custom threshing and silo filling business in this area. In 1922 they bought a new 24-40 Rumley Oil Pull (which we still have) to finish their last 20 years of their threshing business.

He loved the Steam Shows and would attend at least six of them every year. We miss him dearly. It was so hard to give him up.

Submitted by his son, George R. Haddock, 160 S. Wattles Rd., Battle Creek, Michigan 49017.

STANLEY MACK of Bethel, Ohio, passed away February 24, 1986 at the Christ Hospital. He was born May 24, 1928. He had been retired about 3 years from the Ford Motor Company.

He was one of the original founders of the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Inc., of Georgetown, Ohio. Stanley was very active in the machinery shows for 16 years.