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My husband ADONIS (DON) M. ROAT suffered a heart attack November
23, 1987 and passed away.

He belonged to the Miami Valley Steam Threshers Association and
was a member of the steam shows for many years. He loved all those
shows. I went with him until my health got so bad I couldn’t
go. I sure do miss him.

He was 65 years of age. He was born July 2, 1922.

Submitted by Mrs. Jewell M. Roat, 2920 LaVista Drive, Apt.
13, Columbus, Ohio 43204.

On Friday, March 18, we were saddened to learn of the death of
MARJORIE WEBB. Marjorie was a special lady. A LADY in every way.
She was a loving wife, caring mother, doting grandmother, and loyal

Marjorie worked hard for our club. For years she handled show
registration single handed, she always donated baked goods to be
sold at the show, and she and Dennis started our annual steamed hot
dog feast after the show closed to the public. Before
‘Minnie’ (a steam engine) was forced into retirement
Marjorie and Dennis were busy preparing the engine for the show
even before the show was off the ground. At the show she would
answer questions put to her by visitors, or just stand back and
beam with pride as she listened to Dennis explain what made the
Minneapolis steam traction engine work. Marjorie loved

Minnie, but when Minnie could no longer be taken to shows,
Marjorie’s love turned to green. She could be found at parade
time driving the 820 along with her granddaughter Carla on the BR
while Dennis came along on Jim Bucknell’s steamer (It’s
hard to get steam out of one’s blood).

Marjorie had a special gift of listening. No problem was too
small. She would just sit and listen and she always made you feel
good. She always knew what to say. I looked upon this special lady
as a friend. She was like a mother, sister and best friend all
rolled into one person. When she called you ‘Love’, she
really meant it. There was nothing false about her. I shared my
most valued possession with Marjorie. I shared my son. She and
Dennis took a special interest in Darcy. She was like a second
mother to him and I never felt jealous of the love he had for her.
Knowing Marjorie has made our whole family better. We will miss
Marjorie. Our club will miss Marjorie. She was a very special

Submitted by Norma Benner, Niagara Antique Power Assn., 1173
Sunset Drive, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada L2A 5M4

On Tuesday, March 22, 1988, in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba,
DONALD EPHRAIM CARROTHERS, aged 78, died. He was the beloved
husband of Muriel Carrothers and he lived at 102-701 Crescent Road,
East Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

Don was born on January 30, 1910, the eldest son of Thomas and
Etta Carrothers, at Austin, where he was raised and received his
education. He married Muriel Tattersall and they continued to
reside on the farm at Austin.

Don had a great interest in antique farm equipment. His own farm
eventually was the beginning of the Agricultural Memorial Museum of
Manitoba at Austin. Later, his father donated land to the present
site for the museum, for its future development. He contributed
much of his time and money to the museum and for his contribution
as the originator of the Agriculture Memorial Museum of Manitoba,
he was awarded the Manitoba Historical Society Centennial
Commemoration medal in 1970.

Surviving are his wife, Muriel; one daughter, Evelyn, and her
husband; three brothers; four sisters; grandchildren; and numerous
nieces and nephews.

Submitted by his wife, Mrs. Muriel E. Carrothers, 102-701
Crescent Rd. E., Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, R1N

EMORY M. FUNK of Manchester, Illinois, passed away October 5,
1987, at the age of 89. Mr. Funk was a lifelong resident of the
Manchester area.

He was an active member of the Prairiel and Heritage Association
Museum–The Jacksonville Area Antique Car Club.

He was a lover of antique machinery and farm related items, many
of which he had used during his lifetime. The joy of his life was
his collection of antique cars and trucks which he had restored.
Most of them were Fords. Mr. Funk was no stranger at many of the
Old Thresher Reunions in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri where he had
many friends.

Mr. Funk and I met about 20 years ago at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa,
while watching the Murry-Corliss Steam Engine exhibit its graceful
motion of power. We became the best of friends and have spent many
hours visiting together. His knowledge and experiences were
endless. Had I kept record of the many accomplishments and
experiences we discussed, I could publish a hook which would surely
be a best seller.

Submitted by Jack Folta, P.O. Box147, Laddonia, Missouri

RALEIGH W. CREEK, of Batavia, Iowa, passed away on April 25,
1988, at the age of 93.

He had been a steam engine operator and owner for many years,
and also ran a saw mill and was in the house moving business for a
long time. The minister who conducted the services remarked he did
countless charitable acts that the general public knew nothing

Raleigh had worked at the Midwest Old Threshers and the Midwest
Central Railroad for many years, as long as his health permitted.
He was always willing to lend a helping hand regardless of the job,
especially if it concerned steam engines.

He is survived by a daughter, Alice Hidy, and a son, Jim. Also
surviving are four grandchildren, eight great grandchildren, and
two brothers, Raymond and Van.

Submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wright, 207 S. Walnut, Mt.
Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

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