| March/April 1967

EDWARD S. JOHNSON of North Bonneville, Washington passed away October 12, 1966. We have no further information on Mr. Johnson - Kitty.

JOE SCHLADWEILER of Spring Valley, Wisconsin passed away July 12, 1966. Mrs. Schladweiler sent us a card saying that 'he loved the magazine so much'. She has now moved to 9806 South 11th Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

DURWARD H. SAMUEL passed away at his home at 1806 South Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls, South Dakota September 22, 1966. He was born September 15, 1883 at Bunceton, Missouri. He married Etta Hobe and came to South Dakota in 1934. He worked as a salesman for Wood Brothers Machine Co. selling threshing machines. He later owned Sam's machine shop in Sioux Falls which he operated for many years before retiring in 1964. Survivors are his wife, 3 sisters (Mrs. Perry Malone, Mrs. Marian Evans, Mrs. H. D. Miller) and 3 brothers (Benton, J. H., and Charles). This was sent to us by Vernal E. Vanderhoff, of Baltic, South Dakota.