| March/April 1974

KENDALL D. KNARR, 70, Jewell, Kansas, died January 31, 1973 while vacationing in Rockport, Texas. His steam engine 'career' started at the age of 12, when he was water hauler for the threshing outfit. By 16, he was running the steam engine for the outfit. This enjoyment of steam engines continued throughout his life and sparked many visits to Threshing Bees in Minnesota, South Dakota and Kansas. His 'Old Smokey' was an attraction in all the parades and Centennials in his community of North Central Kansas.

Submitted by his daughter, Todee Snyder, Canby, Minnesota.

H. C. ETCHISON passed away March 24, 1973 after a long illness. Age 76. Had owned 14 different steam engines. He was a devoted steam operator.

Submitted by Mrs. H. C. Etchison, Route 3, Box 154, Savannah, Missouri 64485

RAYMOND BECK, Pinckneyville, Illinois died October 18, 1973 after a short illness. He was a member of American Thresherman Ass'n for many years and headed the antique department.

Submitted by George F. Bahre, Secretary, American Thresherman Ass'n, Coulterville, Illinois