| March/April 1977

CLARENCE MARVIN Mc GEORGE aged 74, died after a six month illness October 22, 1976. He was active in the Northwestern Pennsylvania Steam Show held at Middle Lancaster for many years, and also at the antique section of New Castle Fair. His ten H.P. Russell Portable made a nice match for the shingle mill at both shows. Failing health had cut his participation the past years, but he still attended the local show this summer. He was a well-known visitor, too, at Stumptown,  NTA-Wauseon, Ohio, Canfield Fair, and Meadville. He was a retired engineer off the PRR and Aliquippa and Southern Railroads, and so his passing deprives us of knowledge and experience which cannot be replaced in addition to his friendship.

Submitted by Thomas G. Downing, President, Northwestern Pennsylvania Steam Engine and Old Equipment Association.

FRANK SOMMER, 71, of Route 2, Edgar, Wisconsin died October 29, 1976 at the Hospital in Marshfield, after a long illness. He had a lot of old equipment which he displayed at shows and was a member of the local steam and gas club.

Submitted by Gerald Jacobson, 212 South Cedar Avenue, Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449.

JAMES WHITBEY, 78, originator of the Old Time Thresher & Saw Mill Operators Show, Ind. died in St. Joseph's Hospital August 2. He lived in Fort Wayne from 1932 until moving to his northwest Allen County Farm in 1945. He was a veteran of World War I and worked 42 years as an engineer on the Pennsylvania Railroad. The Thresher & Sawmill Operators Show began on his farm at Johnson and Carroll Roads in 1950 and this year's show was held two weeks after his death according to his wishes.

Submitted by his wife, Mrs. James H. Whitbey, R.R. 13, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808.