| March/April 1983

CLIFFORD J. WOYCHIK of Whitehall, Wisconsin, passed away November 21, 1982 at the age of 73.

Cliff was an avid steam engine man who over a period of many years had owned eight or nine steam engines. His favorite was a 65 Case which he kept in Al condition, as he did with all of the engines he owned. He exhibited his engines at the Strum and Whitehall, Wisconsin shows.

Over the last five years I was privileged to be the engineer for him on the 65 Case and the last three years on the 18 HP Advance Rumely which is the engine he always wanted and was able to purchase three years ago.

I am sure his friends will miss him, as I will, for he was a true steam engine man, and made many friends while exhibiting his engine.

Submitted by Ted Knack, 1545 Tenth Avenue, St. Paul Park, Minnesota 55071.

FRED L. TINKLE was born November 27, 1899 at Williamsburg, Iowa and died November 22, 1982 at the Union Hospital, Terre Haute, Indiana.