| March/April 1988

JEAN GREEN age 58, of Scott Road, Jamestown, Pennsylvania, died December 23.

She was a member of the Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania, and for twelve years served as their secretary. She and husband Wilbert have dairy farmed for 35 years. Wilbert and son Bert show their 20-40 Oil Pull at the annual shows.

Jean will be missed by her family and many friends who knew her at the shows.

Submitted by Blake Malkamaki, RD3, 10839 Girdled Rd., Concord, Ohio 44077.

At age 92, PAUL A. KUSNEFSKY departed this life December 1,1987, at his home in Florence, Kansas.

Paul was a true steam man and he made several model engines. He still owned his 65 HP Case that he bought in 1920. Besides being a thresherman and farmer, Paul was also an expert gunsmith.