| March/April 1990

WALTER C. 'FRANK' ANDERSON, 79, died July 25, 1989. He was a lifetime member of the Shenandoah Valley Steam and Gas Engine Association at Berryville, VA. He had been the sawyer for the show since its beginning in the 60 's. He had been a lumberman all his life and had recently retired as a sawyer for McFarland's Saw Mill in Winchester, VA. He is survived by a son and grandson and several brothers and sisters.

Submitted by Mrs. Paul Giles, Rt 1, Box 122, Bunker Hill, WV 25413.

CHARLES 'JINKS' WINEBRENNER, 88, of Ligonier, Indiana, passed away October 22, 1989. He is survived by his wife, Lucy, one daughter, Maralena Mey, and two grandsons, Chuck Mey and John Mey.

Charles was born August 8,1901, on a rural Albion, Indiana farm. His father bought a new Advance Steam engine to power his threshing machine, which probably kindled the fire of Charles' love for Advance engines.

Riding his bike to and from work, he got a job at age 13 at the Ford dealer in Albion. He later went to work at an auto repair garage in Albion.

In 1921 Charles Winebrenner, Ed Pankop, and Paul Thomas bought the Blazed Trail garage in Ligonier, Indiana.