| March/April 1998

MR. HERMAN WALCOTT, of Allendale, Michigan, passed away November 11, 1997 at age 94. He was a true gentleman dedicated to serving Christ, his family, church, and community. Born in 1902, he lived in the local area all his life. He grew up on a farm and was operating his father's steam threshing rig by age 18, doing custom threshing and silo filling.

In 1923 his father purchased a grain elevator which became Mr. Walcott's lifelong business venture, along with selling Case and New Idea farm equipment for a time.

He had a special love for steam and ran his engine at a local show just this past summer. His favorite of all events was threshing with steam. He was a quiet man with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and information which he would share freely when asked. We thank the Lord he went peacefully, but our hobby has lost a pillar in his passing. He is survived by his four children, 18 grandchildren, and 32 great-grandchildren.

Submitted by grandson Russ Gelder, 6246 Chicago Drive, Zeeland, Michigan 49464.