| May/June 1983

LAURENCE O. BOHLMEYER, Shipman, Missouri, 86, died recently. He was an avid model engine enthusiast and did some real nice work. He helped the ladies that had the 16 HP Reeves at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Submitted by Arthur Bickel, Virden, Illinois 62690.

WILLIAM FRICKER, a long-time reader of the Iron-Men Album, died on November 27, 1982. He loved to talk about the good old daysabout mowing hay, raking hay with horses, threshing rice with a Case separator and a crossmotor Case. I will always treasure and remember the things he talked about. We will never forget him and will always treasure his memory. He was a retired mechanic and farmer. He loved farming and being on the farm. He was 82 years old.

Submitted by Roy David Fricker, Box 81B, DeValls Bluff, Arkansas 72041.

MRS. JACK (AMANDA) WILTMAN, 76, LeMars, Iowa, died Friday, January 14, 1983. She was a charter member of the Pioneer Machinery Club of Merrill, Iowa. She was well known around the Midwest states at steam shows where her late husband Jack (who passed away in 1977) was always on hand to run or fix the steam engines in need of help.

Amanda will be missed at the monthly club meetings and shows where she helped at many jobs.